Indian Beauty Secret: Sandalwood and Turmeric Facial Mask

Hello lovelies! Today I just wanted to do a quick blog about a herbal skincare remedy: using sandalwood and turmeric on your face to achieve flawless glowing skin. We all know that facial masks come is various styles and types such as: peel-off masks, clay or cream masks.Often I like to make my own facial masks using the ingredients found at home.Is also a better option since you know what ingredients are in there. One of my favourite facial mask that works best for my skin is turmeric and sandalwood. Sandalwood/Chandan, has anti-septic properties, anti-inflammatory properties, soothing, cooling and lightening properties when used on the skin. It also helps to lighten acne scars and works even better when used in conjunction with turmeric.Turmeric has similar benefits like sandalwood. Both are spices, where turmeric is part of the ginger family and known for its colouring properties and sandalwood is a class of fragrant woods, known for its fragrant properties. Turmeric is also anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, acne healing, skin tone evening, lightening properties of sandalwood. Now you can either do turmeric face masks or sandalwood face masks or combine both, which is what I prefer.

Now here’s how to:

1. Mix sandalwood, turmeric, milk in a bowl to make a paste
Sandalwood and turmeric can be purchased from your local grocery store or any indian store. If there aren’t any stores nearby that sell sandalwood powder, try any online merchant that sells pure, authentic sandalwood powder.
1 tablespoons of turmeric 1 tablespoon of sandalwood 3 tablespoons milk.
If you don’t prefer to use regular milk, you can still make the paste by adding either water, rosewater or almond milk. Just make sure to use liquid, or the powder will become a paste.

2. Once you’ve got a nice paste going on, apply it to your face
It dries quickly but you should leave it on for about 30 minutes. Use this time to relax and rejuvenate your skin and mind. To add to the relaxing experience, you can place green tea bags or 2 cotton balls soaked in lavender or rose water on your eyes.

3. Wash and pat your face dry
You might notice that your face has a yellowish tinge, don’t PANIC! It’s the hue from the sandalwood and turmeric and it will fade away soon.

4. Continue on with your regular skincare routine
You can apply this mask 3 times a week for optimal results; however, once a week works just as fine too.

So there you have it ladies! My quick blog about the benefits of  sandalwood and turmeric mask.

Has any one tried sandalwood or turmeric masks before? Tell me what you think!

Sheemal xx

Fragrances: My Top Perfumes for Winter Months

Hello lovelies! I hope you all liked my previous post( link provided) regarding the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Winter has just arrived, and that AVC bottle is bound to get handy in the next coming months. Today I thought I would talk about some of my favourite winter perfumes. From left to right I have ‘Hypnose Lancome’ ‘Daisy Dream Marc Jacob’ ‘Chanel Coco Noir ‘  and ‘Ma Vie Pour Femme Hugo Boss’


Chanel Coco Noir

This perfume adds seduction and depth to Chanel’s timeless Coco fragrance. The deeply rich and provocative aroma of Coco Noir has a woody, floral scent with accents of spice and sensual musk that delicately lingers on the skin. This chic perfume is perfect for those long winter nights. Coco Noir has notes of grapefruit, bergamot, orange, rose, jasmine, geranium, patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla, sandalwood, and white musk. If you want to feel pretty, romantic and cozy, give it a try. It’s got a truly narcotic effect. This fragrance wears noticeably on my skin for around six hours and is mostly gone by eight hours. On the whole,this perfume is a wearable, easygoing fragrance that many will love.It can be worn both day  and night, however I find is more suited for night time as it does have that heavier smell.

Ma Vie Pour Femme Hugo Boss

The inspiration of this perfume draws from the independent spirit of a woman. Ma Vie is described as “strong, feminine and independent”. The fragrance is fresh and unique. The blooming bouquet of pink freesia, jasmine petals and rose buds is at the heart of this perfume, while the intense warmth of cedarwood forms the base. I personally adore this fragrance-  it is slightly on the sweet side, but still fresh and playful. The scent lingers on my skin about 4-5 hours (not as long as Chanel Coco Noir ). The pink bottle is also very cute, giving it a girly and sweet look.


Hypnose Lancome

This woodsy and oriental fragrance features passion flower which creates both gentle and passionate feminine aura; a magical product of orchid and vanilla, which smells warm and creamy on skin; and white flowers and jasmine giving a  sensual and deep sensation.The beautiful bottle is designed in a form of  a woman’s silhouette, and the colour of the perfume hypnotizes just like tender blue woman’s eyes.The passion flower and vanilla scent lasts all day. I have been using this perfume for the last 5 years and is truly remained one of the most unforgettable fragrances with the heady note of vanilla that lingers for hours! I feel very feminine and relaxed when I wear this beautiful perfume, it also attracts a lot of attention from the opposite sex! SO LADIES A MUST HAVE in your fragrance collection.

Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs for women

I adore all Marc Jacobs Daisy perfumes. They smell gorgeous and the packaging is to die for! Daisy Dream is the newest addition to my perfume collection and it is probably the pretties bottle so far. The scent is a fruity floral fragrance inspired by daises and blue skies.The fruity-floral fragrance is bursting with top notes of blackberry, grapefruit, and pear. The heart notes are introduced with a bouquet of jasmine, lychee, and blue wisteria, and a medley of white woods, musks, and coconut water reveal the base notes. It is exactly what I expected – feminine, airy, light and perfect for daytime. The fragrance bottle is also very cute, enveloped in a shawl of laced daisies, topped with a silver cap, and adorned with gold hues and daisy accents.


So there you have it ladies! My top 4 fragrance for this winter.

I would love to hear your favourite fragrances for this winter.

Sheemal xx